Reaping the Benefits of the Examined Life

How do you create a good life?
What gets in your way of reaching these goals?
How can you overcome these obstacles?

For so many of us, anxiety, depression, compulsions, inhibitions, ungrounded fears severely constrain our ability to make our lives as fulfilling as possible. We remain stuck in old stories about ourselves, others, relationships, stories that are defunct, but to which we unconsciously cling, in the spirit of “better the devil you know…”

Having explored so many alternative paths to liberating myself from the grip of these familiar devils, I am persuaded that contemporary psychoanalysis/psychotherapy is the path. Other modalities may sometimes be helpful adjuncts, but there is no substitution, if what you want is stable, enduring change.

With its deep respect for the power of our unconscious patterns of feeling, thinking, being and behaving, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy can dislodge these obstacles and free you to live much richer lives.

—Blogito ergo sum