Welcome to The Examined Life

Welcome to The Examined Life – the Professional Blog of Oakland Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst Dawn Farber


What makes life worth living?
What does a life well-lived look like?

  • Loving and being loved. There are more kinds of LOVE available to us than romantic love, which is usually transient. Use your imagination to name more accurately all your loving: respect, affection, admiration, devotion, gratitude…
  • Developing your gifts and talents, whatever they may be. This might involve focusing less on what you wish they were, and envying others’ less too. How do you give of yourself, from your places of fullness, your gifts, and can you amplify your giving?
  • Playing as much as possible, daily. How do you play, surrender, laugh, romp and frolic? When did you last howl with laughter, or bay at the moon?
  • Pausing often, at least daily, to register this miracle of our being alive.

—Blogito ergo sum

In my next blog I will address:
How do you create a good life? What gets in your way of reaching these goals?
How can you overcome these obstacles?