Specialized Services

Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalysis remains the most radical, life changing therapeutic modality, ever- renewing its vitality and relevance.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is founded on the same understanding as psychoanalysis: our dysfunctional patterns of relating and our difficult states of mind are responses to significant early relationships; and it takes a new relationship with an analytic therapist, to change them.

Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy

It takes a third person, who is outside the entrenched dynamics of any couple, to perceive the impasses and miscommunications, and support the couple in developing new, more fulfilling ways.

Women Through Their Lifecycle

Biology is not destiny; nevertheless, our experience as women is – naturally – very influenced by our embodiment, and by our ways of thinking about our bodies, both personally, and as transmitted in the cultures in which we live.

Aging, Illness and Mortality

These inexorable facts of our lives require that we do grief work, so we may come to accept the inevitable losses, as well as discover, wherever they may reside for us, the beauty and wisdom of these challenging times in our embodied lives.


In both individual and group consultation, you will receive the containment we all need to do our challenging work with less strain, less fatigue, more efficacy and more enjoyment.