It takes a village…

Individual, Pair and Group Consultation

I offer case consultation in a variety of formats, for therapists with any and all licenses, and with varying amounts of clinical experience. People may come for individual meetings, or share consultations with a peer, each taking turns to present their cases. I also lead an ongoing consultation group, in which people take turns presenting detailed case material, and we periodically read and discuss relevant clinically-focused papers, from a variety of perspectives. This is an intimate working group, and we all cherish our work together.

My goal is to provide a safe, reflective space to explore clinical work and to address whatever clinical and ethical dilemmas might arise. Consultation is an indispensable venue for all of us to share our processing of the emotional and intellectual challenges that are a life-long part of being a psychotherapist. I am interested in helping you as a unique individual develop your authentic analytic voice, your confidence in your personal ways of thinking and feeling analytically, and your pleasure in meeting the challenges of our work. The most important ongoing learning for us is how to become aware of our reverie, and thoughtful about its possible meanings in relation to each specific clinical moment.

My orientation is open, curious and pragmatic: i.e. multi-perspectival. I believe we can learn from many different theories and models, without embracing any as a dogma. In this spirit, in any specific clinical moment, we may use concepts borrowed from the diverse idioms of Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Bion, Ogden, Ferro, Matte-Blanco, Fairbairn, Searles, and the American Relational school. I welcome those challenging moments in our work in which our sheer inventiveness and imagination, not articulated in any particular theory, are necessary to keep a therapeutic relationship alive.