Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Contemporary Psychoanalysis - Doctor Dawn farber

Psychoanalysis offers the most profound opportunity for enduring relief of the incapacitating symptoms that have impaired the quality of your life, as well as for extensive personal development. Traditionally, psychoanalysis has been conducted at a frequency of 3-5 sessions each week; but I am considerably more flexible on this matter. Treatment requires a serious commitment by both of us, patient and analyst. The treatment is open-ended in terms of duration: the end is mutually determined over the course of time, and we then spend some time processing the decision. This period can be a most productive period of work, as we review our understanding of what we have accomplished together.

Methods and Goals

Among our goals are: the capacity to maintain a stable, realistically-based sense of self and self-esteem; create more fulfilling relationships; tolerate a wider range of emotions; discover more creative and effective use of your talents; have more satisfying sexual experiences; and generally, to understand yourself and others in more emotionally complex and mature ways. Taken together, these capacities enable you to become more comfortable with yourself, and better prepared to face life’s ongoing challenges with greater freedom and flexibility.

This level of personal growth and transformation is best achieved through the painstaking process of self-reflection and self-discovery, in the context of the safety, intimacy, honesty and authenticity of the analytic relationship. The path to deep healing and recovery is rarely smooth or easy. But in the company of a trusted analyst, what was formerly unbearable and unthinkable, and had to be ignored so you could continue functioning, becomes bearable and thinkable.

If we agree that psychoanalysis is a good choice for you, we may then discover whether the traditional way of lying on my couch is optimal for you, or whether sitting face to face with me is more productive.