Getting Started

Please contact me by phone to set up a first meeting, using my confidential voicemail, at 510 381-2947. I will return your call at the first opportunity and we can briefly discuss any initial questions you might have.

It is a good idea to set up an initial session so that we can get a more detailed picture of the issues bringing you to therapy, and we can get a sense of whether or not my way of working is a good fit for you.

Garden Path

Contact Me by Email or Using the Form:

Contact me by email leaving me your phone number and the best times I might reach you and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I do not use email for anything other than to arrange or change our schedule, once we have established it.


My office is at 587 Walavista Avenue, Oakland, 94610.

The neighborhood is right at the Piedmont border, and the street is just off Lakeshore Avenue. AC transit bus #26 has its terminal stop a minute’s walk away, just across Lakeshore.

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