Professional Publications

(2017)Review essay on novel by Ogden, T. H. The Hands of Gravity and Chance. (2015). UK: Karnac Books.
Fall 2017“Nobody’s Boy”.  Clinical Use of Meltzer’s Aesthetic Conflict. Chapter in book edited by Meg Harris-Williams, UK: Karnac Books. Forthcoming
Spring 2016News and Notes PINC newsletter. Psychoanalysis for Cyborgs?
May-June 2016Psychoanalysis for Cyborgs? Viewpoint, Journal of The Psychotherapy Institute
Fall 2016Psychoanalysis for Cyborgs? Clinical Implications. for da
Summer 2014 and Fall 2015Two-part essay, Loot the Beloved Country, PINC newsletter.
2015On transmitting the style of living analysis. Chapter in Teaching Bion Cross-Culturally, Ed.
Meg Harris-Williams. UK: Karnac.
Spring 2014A Memoir of the Future of Contemporary Psychoanalysis.
Review of two books by Giuseppe Civitarese.
Fall 2011The Poetry of Poetry. Film review for fort da.
Fall 2011Concerto for breast and mouth. Poem in fort da.
October 2010The genesis of destructive envy in unmitigated shame.
Evolving British Object Relations conference, Seattle.
Fall 2010Review of Meg Harris Williams, (2010). The Aesthetic Development.The poetic spirit of psychoanalysis. UK: Karnac. Reviewed for fort da.
November 2009Re-dreaming dreams and waking-dreams in the throes of the aesthetic conflict.
Evolving British Object Relations conference, Seattle.
Fall 2008Going Home/Not Home. An essay in the Jungian Journal, Culture and Psyche.