Who Are You?

Why Psychoanalysis: Is Psychoanalytic Therapy Right for You?

People from all walks of life seek psychoanalytic treatment for many different reasons. The most common are:

  • You are a very successful professional and your personal life or love life is quite fulfilling, yet you are aware of pockets of troubling thoughts and feelings for which you need a good witness and helpful partner to understand and integrate.
  • You are in one or another form of crisis – whether a relationship impasse, a break-up, suffering from a disorder, an illness or death of someone you love, etc. – and would be coming in with your immediate need defined.
  • You are functioning well-enough on the surface, while having a sense of something not being right—a feeling that your life and relationships could be richer, more satisfying.
  • You have insight about your issues and their origins, but nevertheless can’t change and remain stuck in repetitive ways of feeling, thinking, behaving; imprisoned in fears; frustrated.

These issues are exactly what psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are designed to address.

It has become too easy in our culture to think that we should depend on ourselves to solve everything—the old “rugged individualism” that has left so many adrift and lonely. Or we resort to self-help books or psycho-gurus who offer quick fixes. Sadly, most of these “fixes” enable short-lived cognitive shifts, at most, and rarely result in deep and lasting change. Most of our suffering stems from our earliest, most significant, relationships; and it takes at least two minds and hearts to process our emotional experience, and actually change.